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upcoming workshops at the hambidge center (north ga)

updated sat 21 feb 04


Dawn G. Holder on fri 20 feb 04

The following worshops will take place at the Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap,
GA. To register, email:, or call: 706.746.5718 (Debbie
in the main Office). For more info on the ceramics program and future
events, email: .

Steven Hill: Functional Pottery/ Single- Firing
April 3 - 4, Cost: $150 (includes lunches)
In this two day workshop, Steven Hill will throw and alter pots,
demonstrate slip trailing, and use the extruder, all while communicating his
enthusiasm for functional stoneware and single- firing. Steven considers
form the single most important aspect of his pottery, paying particular
attention to rims, feet, lids, spouts, and handles. Discussion will cover
philosophy, design, technique, and the business of making a living n clay.

Open Wood Firing
April 16 - 18, Cost: 1 cent per cubic inch of pot
Join Anne Rafferty and crew in firing our wonderful anagama kiln. Bring
your own bisque ware (it must be cone 10) and glazes to share- shop glazes
are also provided. Come prepared to work hard, eat well, meet new friends,
camp on the lawn, and fire great pots!

Steven Forbes de Soule: The Art of Raku: Smoke, Fire, and Kiln- Building
May 10- 14, 2004 Cost: $350 (includes lunches)
The first day of the workshop will be spent building a permanent raku
kiln for the new pottery studio. During the remainder of the week,
students will fire their own bisque ware brought from home. All aspects of
this art form will be covered, including discussions on glazing, firing
options, and safety.

Andy Nasisse
June 26- 27, Cost: $125 (includes lunches)
By multiple firing, and layering of slips and glazes, Nasisse makes
objects that have stratified surfaces that snap and crackle with energy. "I
am interested in the tension between opposites- light/dark, male/female,
expansion/contraction, good/evil, organic/geometric, ration/intuition,
mind/body, and matter/spirit," he notes. "The notion that there is an
underlying geometry, hidden patterns, and layered meanings to all we se is a
preoccupation that informs much more than just my work." Nasisse will demo
a combination of glazing, handbuilding, and throwing techniques.

Rick Berman: Anagama and Salku
July 11- 18, 2004 Cost: $500 (includes lunches)
Participants will glaze pots from home, and then stack and light the anagama
kiln the first day. While firing the wood kiln, students will go to work
making pots in the studio. In addition, a salku kiln will be built and
fired every day of he workshop! This workshop is for intermediate to
advanced students. Housing available on- site, first- come, first- serve.