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lucy rie book (with ps for carl finch)

updated sat 21 feb 04


The Chapel of Art on sat 21 feb 04

There is a "new" Emmanuel Coper book on Rie, but sorry... Do not
have/cannot find details by a quick search of old CRs... It
post-dated her death (if I remember rightly) whereas the earlier
book (I forget by whom) has been around a very long time...
Probably out of print by now anyhow. It may also be worth having
a look at:

"Hidden Pots: Hans Coper, Lucie Rie and their contemporaries,
The Lisa Sainsbury Collection"
by Cyril Frankel
Price: UK=A335
Published by Thames and Hudson in association with University of
East Anglia.

Sorry -- no ISBN given in Ceramics Review, which reviewed the
book quite favourably in #189 Edition, May/June 2001. (This BTW,
is an ongoing annoyance / bugbear / grouse of mine. In fact, one
of the reasons I stopped my subscription to CR a couple of years
ago. In protest! Why on earth they do not give the ISB number, I
have no idea, because they NEVER explain themselves!!)

Although I admire Rie's work and she made a huge impact on my
generation of Bright Young Things, I have no very great or deep
affection for it specifically, so have not taken too much notice
of books published lately... Maybe someone else has a better
suggestion? However, it would definitely NOT surprise me to find
that comparatively little has been published on the whole.
Typical of the British attitude towards "incomers" until the
second or third generation, when they have become suitably
"British" and therefore more acceptable because we can claim a
part of them for ourselves in reflected glory...

But I hope I am_totally_wrong_and you find loads of books about


Janet Kaiser -- please forgive a couple of lines as a "private
ps", Folks!
Carl, Captain Sir! It is therefore mutual! I have mailed you a
couple of times since a certain mail delivery about a month ago
and have also been bounced! "Suspected Spam" indeed! Your ISP
doesn't like my ISP, who doesn't like your ISP... Na! NaNa!
NaaNaa! Mind you, it is NOT surprising anyone is being bounced at
the moment though... There is some weird stuff going on for sure,
as the ISPs try to grapple with spam AND malicious code mail.
Anyway, thanks for the information you sent to sunny Wales, Carl!
Will "talk" to you as soon as things get back to normal... If
ever!!!? And no... You are definitely NOT the wanker I was
referring to!
>Hi, all. I have searched the archives and only find one book
>pictures of Lucy Rie's bowls. It's called Craft and the Artof
Clay. Can
>anyone suggest other books with pictures of her work. Ideally
I'm looking
>for a book only about Lucy Rie.
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