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laguna #50 and mastering cone 6 glazes

updated sat 21 feb 04


Allyson May on fri 20 feb 04

I don't remember who asked the question about Laguna #50, WC 606 =
Stoneware, and glazes from MC6G. I was a little too hasty with the =
delete key! I just fired a load of soup bowls thrown from Laguna #50 =
and they were glazed with Variegated Blue from MC6G. The bowls are =
beautiful! A very nice variegated blue breaking a golden brown on =
texture and edges. The speckling of the #50 claybody produces soft, =
muted speckling in the glaze and in places it breaks to an almost =
maroon/burgundy color. This glaze also is stunning on Laguna's #16 =
porcelain. I will be running glaze tests on most of the MC6G glazes =
using Laguna's #50 in the next couple of weeks ( waiting for my test =
tiles to dry). I will let you know the results if you are still =
interested at the time of the kiln unloading.
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, Indiana