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clay it forward/pottery making illustrated handbook

updated sat 21 feb 04


Joyce Lee on fri 20 feb 04

The books that the folks at ACerS donated in
my husband's name will soon be in the mail.

The book is the brand new
Pottery Making Illustrated handbook:
"Pottery Making Techniques." I haven't seen
a copy yet but will buy my own at the
ACerS booth in NCECA, taking advantage of
my Potters Council discount.

Thank you, ACerS, for your generosity in
donating twelve copies of the new handbook!
I love this job.

In the Mojave where the air feels icy/mooshy
sort of a very light blue with the slightest greyed
overtone ...... not the usual bright yellow, or
even orange, which normally overlays our daytime
skyscape....... before moving west, I thought
that all those Charlie Russell paintings with
mountains of purple/orange/gold/pinks were
his unique blend of abstract and realism..... not
so...... there are even more colors than artists
have been able to capture .....=20