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books on lucie rie

updated fri 20 feb 04


lili krakowski on thu 19 feb 04

Tony Birks wrote a lovely book on Lucie Rie. The Metropolitan Museum =
(NYC) had a catalog for sale which was the catalog of a Rie exhibition. =
(Very cheap too). And I just got from The Potters Shop a book called =
Lucie Rie by Emmanuel Cooper. I think Ceramic Review had an homage to =
her many years back, and Ceramics Monthly did too.

Lucie Rie demonstrated what grace under pressure is all about. That one =
can be a tremendous artist and remain modest. And that electric kilns =
can be to gas kilns what the flute is to the bassoon. =20

As we say: Her memory is a blessing.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage