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from helen bates - book review: "ceramics in america"

updated thu 19 feb 04


MJ Moriarty on wed 18 feb 04

I am so glad to see your review of Ceramics in America and your mention of
Dick Schalk, who is featured in one of the articles.
I have known Dick for years and he was my main inspirations to take up
clay. He has not shown his wonderful work much outside of his own shop.
However, I have convinced him to come to NCECA and bring a few pieces to
show. The work will be in the Ruth Stoner Gallery on the bus tour that
goes to Broad Ripple and the Indy Arts Center. Please be sure to stop by
if you are coming to NCECA. The gallery is a bit off the beaten path but
absolutely worth seeking out. It's in a back courtyard off Ferguson
Street, and on Wednesday you might have to work your way through Connor's
Pub's St Pat's day street party to find it.

MJ in Indy