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colorado-can you handle the truth?

updated thu 19 feb 04


clennell on wed 18 feb 04

Sour Cherry Pottery

>> John Chalke, member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art, has been
>> making and teaching ceramics for forty years. He will present his work
>> on Wednesday, 18 February, in Packard Hall at 7.30 pm. Packard Hall is
>> at the corner of Cache la Poudre St and Cascade Ave in Colorado Springs.
Don't walk, run to hear my buddy Johnnie Chalke. He will give a no holds
barred critic of ceramics worldwide. Any that think they're really hot
better buckle your seat belts for a guy that has thought more about pots and
looked at more pots than 100 men. I found Johnnie to be kind to students/
newbies and he made the old (old not being a reference to age), tired and
untalented skirm in their seats. If you can handle the truth, go to this
workshop. If ever "You can shit the fans, but not the players" applied this
is it my friends- go Johnnie go.
Give him a hug for me would ya- I love this guy!