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ravenscrag cone 10

updated sat 14 feb 04


Joyce Lee on fri 13 feb 04

If anybody knows of a site with cone 10
ravenscrag slip/glaze recipes, please share
that information. I'm receiving a lot of
personal requests but can't assist because
I'm in search for such myself. I looked at
Tony Hansen's Marvelous Site but the cone
10 page is under construction.

It's possible I'm maybe skilled enough now to
explore Tony's site further!! Never thought I'd
get there. Although I am having to work SLOWER
....... drat it...... blasted arthritis sure gets in
the way...... as many, many of you know and
have known for too long a time. You are an
inspiration for me! I get weepy thinking about
the trials many of our buds have experienced,
yet plough on they do. You know who you are.
Stay strong.

In the Mojave where the flickers are once again
trying to peckpeckpeck their gorgeous way into
the house .... I would dearly love to let them in ....
but know that I'd be fiddlin' with Mother Nature
to their detriment. We've posted roosts under
the eaves which they use as rentals, but they
continue to peck letting us know that it's a
more permanent residence they're seeking....
something more worthy of their russet, ruffled