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garth clark's new book

updated fri 13 feb 04


Barbara Brown on wed 11 feb 04

I received in the mail yesterday a copy of Garth Clark's new book
"Shards " Garth Clark on Ceramic Art
Part one is Artists and there are 19 different artists written up. I
immediately went to the George Ohr story as I am very interested in his
work. I own a puzzle mug and love to read the history.
Part Two
section one-history
section two-criticism, theory,scholarship,and semantics
section three-function and design
section four-marketplace
I can see I have my reading cut out for me for the next week or so.
Shards $29.95 ISBN 0972509704
Garth has written many books (at least 26) and I have 17 of them. I
enjoy his writing and the great information I get from them.

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