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akira yoshida exhibition in nyc

updated fri 13 feb 04


Naoko Gomi on thu 12 feb 04

Hello All,
Mr. Akira Yoshida, the author of ‘minigama,’ will be
showing his work in New York City.

His work is focused on mishima ware, which is a
traditional Korean technique, and he has written books
on this matter as well. The leather hard ware is
stamped, then a coat of white slip is applied, and
then scraped off, leaving the slip in the
indentations, and so the designs are highlighted. He
fires is work in a ‘split bamboo’ kiln, in Oume,

The show will be at Gallery Gen, 158 Franklin St., and
Tel: 212-226-7717, from March 9th
through the 27th. Mr. Yoshida will be present at the
opening on the 9th.

About the minigama:
The size of the basic minigama is about 20” long, 12”
wide. It has the basic components of a kiln: air
intake-opening, grates, stoke hole, ware chamber,
flew, and chimney. Mr. Yoshida introduces the firing
process to be 3 hours long, using charcoal and a hair
dryer. The minigama is a great tool to test different
effects. Depending on the firing or with a different
minigama, one can aim for a crusty result, quiet
glazed result, flame patterning, etc.
He has also written books on firing with a b-b-q grill
and a paper kiln(which can fire for days like an

Hope you have a chance to meet him.


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