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hank's show.....thanks!

updated thu 12 feb 04


Hank Murrow on tue 10 feb 04

Dear Group;

The White Lotus Gallery in Eugene is stunned by the response to my show
there, "Migrations of the Heart". The fact is, apart from several pots
and one large plaque, all the sales of the plaques have come from their
internet site ( and the sales have been brisk. Some have
been disappointed to find the one they finally selected was sold before
they responded.

I too, am stunned to realise that this small but choice gallery, while
having the same old street address, finds that their 'street' seems to
run all the way to New York City! Through Chicago, and Los Angeles!

Attention Clayart: you are a powerful presence, far from where each of
you individually work and reside. I am humbled by your support for my
work and hope I get to meet you individually someday.

Meanwhile, Congratulations to a great community,

Hank in Eugene