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cone 6 oxidation photo must see

updated thu 12 feb 04


Linda Pahl on wed 11 feb 04

I forgot to mention this in my previous post: For those who will
wonder about the Nytal 100 HR ingredient in Chris' recipe, it is also
known as Talc.


Linda Pahl on wed 11 feb 04

Hi all.

Our own Chris Schafale just uploaded a photo of her mugs glazed with
her "Autumn Hills" (aka Lamont Caramel Apple Variation 14) to my cone 6
oxidation gallery page (thanks Chris!). If you've ever been curious
about this glaze I think this is a must see.

I've been wanting to test this glaze since she so generously shared the
recipe with all of us some time ago (check the archives for her Oct.
15, 2003 post titled "Lamont Caramel Apple variation -- yummy!"). Now
that I've actually seen what the glaze looks like I will be mixing it
up today to test on my iron rich clay body.

Here is the link to my website that will take you to the photo (Chris'
photo is currently on page 3 of the cone 6 oxidation gallery):


Linda Pahl, Kew Gardens, New York