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cone 6 glaze crawling problem

updated thu 12 feb 04


Butch on wed 11 feb 04

Sorry for posting twice but I realized the subject may not get posted in
the best place.

We have a Camelion glaze that has been used very successfully for several
years. A new recipe has been mixed periodically as it gets low in the
bucket. The last batch was mixed Feb 2003. We add water periodically to
keep them from getting too thick.

Just recently they have started to crawl. This has always been a very
stable and reliable glaze. Not to mention popular. If anybody has any
suggestions on how me might save this glaze short of tossing it and
starting over.

Do any of the chemicals degrade over time? Any suggestions would be
welcome. Thanks.

The recipe is:
F4 Soda Feldspar 50
EPK 20
Talc 15
Whiting 10
Zinc Oxide 10
Lithium Carb 2
Copper Carb 5

This is a recipe I got from Mark Burleson's book The Ceramic Glaze