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updated tue 10 feb 04


Imbolchottie@AOL.COM on mon 9 feb 04

There are so many folks to thanks -- Mae, Janet, Dave, bonnie, Liz, hank,
Karin and Charles. I have received such great feedback re: my pot quest for
sites. I am a dolt when it comes to search engines and I had some dismal luck but
once again the community comes through for me. After a fashion I began to
see how the search is worded and got the hang of it. I have learned much.

And as soon as I finish the 8 teapots in production from start to finish I
will indulge myself with the book 500 Teapots. I'm tempted to take images/books
into the studio and I wanted a less direct influence.

Liz, thank you so much for the article you had written, it has been such a
help, I had to laminate it, since the first fell prey to slip.

I think my first obstacle to overcome in making a teapot is a matter of
TIMING. It can't be done over a weeks time because I had handles, spouts, bodies
and lids all drying at different rates -- not good.

The most amazing thing to me in this project is the passion I am discovering,
that people for teapots. It's a whole new world.

I wish I could produce work as rapidly as the posts pile up on my digest
lists. It's all I can do to scan these days and I'm surprised I haven't jumped
into the pagan fertility goddess thread. She's had me busy on other projects at
this time.

I did want to express my appreciation to all of the people who have been nice
enough to take the time to write. I appreciate it. I just wish I had
something to contribute more often -- now if anyone wants to know how to trim an off
center bottle, or underfire a kiln, or reduce and oxidation, or glaze a lid
to a casserole, hey -- I'm your man!

Sincerely, Jonathan in LA
I have a glaze mixing weekend coming up and from what I've scanned I have to
try the Licorice from MC6G, I've been perseverating on the Waterfall Down
myself. And darn it, I'm still looking for a good red/purple. I've almost given
up on the Oxblood I've been using. Reducing long times got me a green
metallic finish, an ok accident, but not what I was working towards. Oh well,
there's time.