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desert dragon pottery news february 2004

updated tue 10 feb 04


Michelle Lowe on mon 9 feb 04

Updates and Opportunities at Desert Dragon Pottery!
Visit the website for information on current ongoing studio offerings such as classes, open studio and private lessons.

Here at Desert Dragon, there is a steady flow of artists, working together in classes, workshops and special firings. It is a growing and changing community of resident and visiting artists. The 2004 calendar is exciting with several workshops planned and some ongoing opportunities to study with some amazing local artists.

Beginning now, on Wednesday evenings, we offer figurative sculpture classes with Xiaoping Luo, internationally known Chinese artist. Xiaoping will teach traditional and contemporary Chinese techniques for creating sculpture from live models. Teapot classes with Junya Shao will also be offered in the upcoming weeks. Junya, a well regarded Chinese teapot artist, will continue to teach students how to create a teapot in the technique and style of Yixing. Please call or email for a spot in a Wednesday 6-9:30pm night class, figurative sculpture classes will begin on February 18 and will continue for as long as there is a student base. Classes are $35 each, three classes for $100 or five classes for $160.

In April, we welcome Wally Asselberghs for a Naked Raku workshop! Email "Barbara Kobler" for information about this April 24and 25 participatory workshop.

May 31-June 4 Vince Pitelka will teach a "Handbuilding: Tips and Tricks of the Trade" workshop. Former participants clamored for more from Vince when he was here February of 2003, so he is returning with more of the same incredible generosity of spirit and vast knowledge.
Workshop cost is $240 for five days.

Native Clay Digging, processing, working and firing workshop with Charles Gilbert of the Arizona Archaeological Society upcoming in 2004, date to be announced!

Raku firings and pit or other primitive firings are available by appointment, call or email for more information! Hope everyone is having a productive and healthy new year so far!

Michelle Lowe potter in the Phoenix desert
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