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add or view photos of cone 6 oxidation pottery

updated tue 10 feb 04


Linda Pahl on mon 9 feb 04

There are now 30 photos of cone 6 oxidation pottery (generously
contributed by clayart members) on the gallery page of my website .
Each one of the photos includes information on the glaze(s) used as
well as the clay body the glaze is on.

The gallery has become a good visual resource of glazes and clay bodies
for the mid-fire oxidation potter. This has been my goal and I look
forward to an ever expanding resource that clayarters can turn to when
looking for a new glaze or clay body to try. (Myself, I have been
inspired to try two of the Mastering Cone 6 Glazes glaze combinations

I invite you to add your own photos (and include the name of the glaze
you used as well as the name or number of the clay body to keep within
the gallery's format). The process is very easy, straightforward and
very doable by anyone with a computer. Here is the quick link to
ADDING YOUR PHOTOS to the gallery:

To BROWSE browse the gallery use this quick link and follow the
directions to the gallery:

While visiting my website, feel free to browse the photos of a variety
of glazes on test tiles along with recipes and tips on how to mix and
apply them. Here is the link to the HOME PAGE of my website:

I look forward to seeing *your* photos uploaded to the gallery!


Linda Pahl, Kew Gardens, New York