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purple and cream glaze, cone 9-10, reduction

updated sun 8 feb 04


The Chapel of Art on sun 8 feb 04

Dear Llewellyn
Is this a purple glaze which breaks cream or a more even purple
with cream speckles? How about surface? Glossy, semi-matte or
matte? Whenever I see dolomite in any recipe, I think of the
1970s and those matte pinky-purple glazes which appealed so much
for their "originality". They have "aged" quite a bit too!


Janet Kaiser

>I have been using this glaze for some time. I forget its source
or the name
>but tends to run.
>I believe someone earlier told me to use calcined Kaolin so I
might give
>that a try and see if it will stabilize better? For my cone
>(9-10)reduc. Goes to subtle purples and cremes. Especially nice
>porcelain. any hints as to how to stop a nice glaze from the
runs :-(
>Fieldspar (potash) 50.0
>Kaolin E\PK 20.0
>Dolomite 16.0
>Whiting 8.0
>Wollastonite 6.0
>Tin oxide 5.0
>Bone Ash 8.0
>Red Iron Oxide 1.0
>Rutile 1.5

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