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updated fri 6 feb 04


Ronda Clark on thu 5 feb 04

I have used the plate setters found at Highwater clays for 5 years. In my
kiln I can put 2 stacks of plates in half the kiln and have the other half for
bowls, mugs, and other tall items. I have had no problem with warping. I use the
9 inch and 12 sizes. I have also used one on taller stilts to put one last
pot over another and finish filling that last hole in the kiln! Yes, they are
expensive but I think in the long run they pay for themselves. I can get a whole
set of dishes in the same kiln. I would not be able to do that with shelves.
(I just finished a set of 12.) If you do plates or other flat things often it
would be worth considering.

Ronda Clark
De Beque Colorado It is a cold snowy foggy day here. For the first time in
several years we have a normal amount of snow BUT most of us are ready for
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