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i have a new electric kiln....(moth balls)

updated fri 6 feb 04


Arnold Howard on thu 5 feb 04

Roxanne, it is dangerous to use moth balls in kilns. I do not recommend it.

I know of people who have successfully reduced in an electric kiln using a
sagger to contain the reduction atmosphere. However, subjecting elements to
a reduced atmosphere will shorten their life.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P.

From: "Ross and Rox" <555jesswein@CHARTER.NET>
I got a Skutt with the special elements that allow me to fire consistantly
to Cone 10. They are coated, I believe. (KM-1227PK, 9.92 cu. ft. 240V: 60
Amps, 14300 Watts Cone 10, 2350 degrees)
Would these special elements allow me to somewhat safely apply a bit of
reduction, like with moth balls? Or would this damage the elements?