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i have a new electric kiln....

updated fri 6 feb 04


Ross and Rox on wed 4 feb 04

CLAYART Digest - 2 Feb 2004 to 3 Feb 2004 (#2004-34)And already I am =
wondering what I can do with it. Is it possible to use it to ... well, =

I got a Skutt with the special elements that allow me to fire =
consistantly to Cone 10. They are coated, I believe. (KM-1227PK, 9.92 =
cu. ft. 240V: 60 Amps, 14300 Watts Cone 10, 2350 degrees)
Would these special elements allow me to somewhat safely apply a bit of =
reduction, like with moth balls? Or would this damage the elements?=20

Does anyone know who makes these elements and what they are called? (I =
missed that in the sales pitch!)

I know some potters have almost started fires reducing in an electric =
kiln. They must have been doing an oil reduction, I think. Does that =
sound more ... dangerous than moth balls.

And will moth balls have much effect? I know Beatrice Woods used them. =
Did she use an electric kiln?

Any ideas on this rather dark and smokey subject?=20

And if you'd rather discuss my sanity than my kiln, I understand!

Roxanne in OR, itching to get the electricity hooked up to that big =
shiney Skutt!