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dear janet kaiser & teapots

updated fri 6 feb 04


Imbolchottie@AOL.COM on wed 4 feb 04

Mutter... Mutter... Mutter...

Dorothy Parker: "A girls' best friend is her mutter."

I am getting back mountains of feedback on teapots, I never realized the
depth of passion folks have for them. I'm trying to visually take it all in, but
stay away from shots I can carry into the studio. I'm hoping all that I see
in my head, and have read, will gel into one and come pouring through my

I have to admit, I have some pretty darn ugly 'pieces' so far, let's see how
they slip and score together into a pot.

Actually, I'm a coffee drinker myself and have one large cup o' joe
(mid-brew) while the java jump juice is working it's magic - who can wait? -- so I
don't have the overflow problem. Also ... I found the hard way, many times over,
little old ladies rule.

Jonathan in LA
w/ a cat named Clay