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clay it forward #2/twelve books

updated fri 6 feb 04


Joyce Lee on thu 5 feb 04

Thanks to the generosity of ACerS and Pottery
Making Illustrated, twelve of PMI's new
books, Pottery Making Illustrated handbooks
(Pottery Making Techniques) have been
donated to Clay It Forward for distribution.
Our donors
have been kind enough to make this donation
in my husband's name, Jim Lee ...... my #1=20
Person for fifty years and an aficionado of
all clay activities, though not a potter himself.

The only requirements to be met in order to
be considered are:

1) Applicant is a member of Clayart
2) Applicant must apply for himself/herself...
no matter how worthy, applications for
others besides yourself will not be
3) Inclusion of a few lines concerning your
work and your objectives as a potter.

Please note that "a few lines" is enough. I
don't mind reading more at all, but you may
mind writing more.

Please send your application direct e-mail to
me. Include your snail mail ADDRESS.=20
If you've applied before
and were not
selected, remind me of that, please.

In the Mojave where the wind is howling and
more shingles are flying off the roof ... sounds
especially eerie from inside the studio ....
meeting with a potential mentee tomorrow ....
this one's not from the Art League.... just a
passionate, newly-in-love-with-clay friend of
a friend who wants more than she can get
even in a good college class (which ours is).

I hope the wind doesn't scare her away .... nor
the clucking of the roadrunner ..... nor the
occasional sight of a blackwidow spider..... still
cleaning those out where they've been having
a high old time while I was more or less away
for most of a couple of years ....... Make
Way Ol' Black Widows, the Big Dog Widow is
on the way to regain her territory .......