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fw: re: teapot sites?

updated wed 4 feb 04


Bonnie/Jeremy Hellman on mon 2 feb 04


Liz makes some of the most magnificent teapots you'll find anywhere.
Definitely take her up on this offer! The only thing better than the photos
is seeing and owning one of her teapots yourself.

The book "500 Teapots" has, well, pictures of 500 teapots with artists and
bit of info, but that's all there is. 500 color photographs. Definitely
worth viewing IMHO.


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Subject: Re: teapot sites?

> Hello Jonathon,
> The spout should be level with the top of your rim, after trimmed.
> Quite often, the form just doesn't look right until you get the
> handle in place, and also the knob on the lid. It all seems to
> balance out after that is done.
> I think a good exercise is to go out and look at teapots. Commercial
> ones as well as hand-made ones.
> I don't know of any web-sites for just teapots, but I am sure that
> there are quite a few on some of our clayarters web-sites.
> If you want me to send you a couple of images of my teapots by
> attachment, let me know. I can send a thumb-nail, or medium size
> image. I have a Mac.
> Meticky Liz from Grafton
> >Does anyone have a teapot site reference?
> >In putting on a spout today it just didn't look right to have it go
> >than the height of the pot. And yeah, I am aiming for functional.
> >Attachments!!! Yeargh!
> >
> >Jonathan in LA
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