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updated wed 4 feb 04


Susan Setley on tue 3 feb 04


In a message dated 2/3/04 5:26:32 PM, CazGuy74@AOL.COM writes:

> Thanks Linda. I am seriously considering a pyrometer and I am sure it will
> be money well spent. Just did some Raku yesterday and underfired every
> piece!!
> Frustrating is an understatement. I was using partial tanks of propane and I
> think they were freezing up a bit on me. I guess it's just another lesson
> learned. Thanks again for the advice.
> over-and-out
> ~S~

I know at least one person who really doesn't like to use a pyrometer -- but
she doesn't raku a lot. :)

In a firing a couple of weeks ago I had a piece seriously "overcooked." It
was the first class of the quarter. There were two new students, and we were all
very excited and animated. We look at the pieces as well as using the
pyrometer, but at the end of the firing the kiln got a little away from us and fired
too hot. Most of the pieces were OK but mine was the last to come out...
Probably the best piece I've ever thrown and it was REALLY ugly. Refired it on
Sunday and ohhhh what an improvement.

It was the pyrometer that let us realize that we had to open the kiln NOW,
because it shot up at the last moment. Watching the pieces through a spy hole
wouldn't have told us that.