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ot street art

updated mon 2 feb 04


The Chapel of Art on mon 2 feb 04

Very occasionally you see work and a little voice whispers to
you, "This is so perfect, you will never achieve this standard,
so why even try to emulate it? Give up! Pack up! Go do something
else...!" I suppose it is what Satan whispers into receptive
ears... "Get thee behind me"...

Anyway, I just had to share this even though it is off-topic... An example of the above "sentiment"...
This is truly amazing work! Cannot get over the fact that THESE
ARE ALL FLAT PAVEMENTS!!! Just shows what you can get up to in a
climate where the sun always shines!

Also another example of English "diversification". What we would
call a "pavement artist" is apparently called a "street painter"
in the USA? Whatever he calls himself, Mr. Wenner obviously
learned an awful lot in Italy...


Janet Kaiser
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