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fw: to clay suppliers, mixers, dealers--especially rr

updated mon 2 feb 04


Kathryn & Stuart Fields on sun 1 feb 04

As a newbie I also have ordered a couple of their kits; both ^10, one of the
reds and one of the whites. Pros and cons: good clay and adequate amounts
to practice and test; quite inexpensive, about 12.50 a kit of 8 to 11 sample
bags, as Valice said about 4# each (generous); interesting cross section of
their variety, none were outside their normal line so all the information
about each sample is available in the catalog. All is excellent for someone
just discovering this craft and art.

Cons: need a different slip container for each of 8 to 11/box samples;
better learn to organize quickly. If you're particular about keeping the
different kinds of clays separate, it means cleaning tools between each bag
and resupplying the bucket of water. Also, each bag will need to be watched
for drying, since a smaller quantity is going to dry out faster; finally,
learning about a clay body in just 4 pounds means the student is learning
only the surface impressions, so taking notes in order to go back and pick
out the one or two to purchase in quantity will be necessary.

All of the above is probably old hat to you veterans, but for us neophytes
its all new experiences and things to learn. (PS: yes, I'm having fun and
wouldn't change a thing)

Kathy, Inyokern,CA

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Laguna makes up clay sample packs. When I was looking for a couple of new
clay bodies (low-fire and ^6), I ordered 1 box of low-fire & 1 box of ^6
from my local supplier. The clays came in 4# packages packed together. It
was enough to make a good sized pinch pot, a small slab constructed box and
a shrink ruler.

It sure beat buying a pug of everything I wanted to try out! I think they
have other types of sample boxes too.

in Sacramento

>Now WHY? she ask tearfully, and in a whimpering tone, do the suppliers not
>make up samplers??? Would I pay $1 per pound for a box of 5 5lbs samples
>of 5 different c.6 bodies? Or c.10? Sure I would. $1 a pound seems a
>bit steep, but it would be worthwhile for something that cannot take that
>long to put together. There MUST be 25lbs pugs that somehow do not get
>into the boxes right, or are left out etc, and how long would it take to
>slice one up, repack as 5 lbs pieces and then assemble with others having
>met similar fate?
>I--and I am sure many others--would pay the extra $ to have a quick way to
>test bodies to find one to suit my needs, when I change type of body, or
>firing temp, or whatever. Or when I need to change suppliers...

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