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sagar/box firing ? from gq

updated thu 29 jan 04


Imbolchottie@AOL.COM on wed 28 jan 04

Went through the archives briefly but didn't see what I was looking for, so
Id like to ask the group about sager firing in a gas kiln. I know there are
benefits for glaze pieces inside a sager but I've seen pics of putting
combustibles in with bisque for a different surface treatment -- my question is this
(for vessels) -- do you put combustibles inside the vessel or do you run the
risk of explosions?

One pic I can't find in my old CM's looked like the artist had wired wood
around the vessels and then built a brick sager around that. BUT nothing was
said about putting anything INSIDE the vessel. I think the interior is as
important as the exterior (but that's just me and I probably hang the toilet paper
upside down for half of the group).

Trying to keep up with the digests, a full school schedule and work schedule
has me dancing as fast as I can. I'm throwing better plates thanks to Mr. C.
Moore and from the thread on throwing softer clay (I like) I've been throwing
much larger vessels.

Hope everyone is well, I'm waiting for the day when I sit at leisure and scan
old posts. In the meantime I have been pushed into the arena of teapots.
Yikes my first thrown tea set -- kind of fun and I'm sure addictive as all get
out. Any advice there would always be welcome.

Jonathan in LA
Whose heart has found, on the rebound, I can handle a new cat -- actually
kitten, 6 month old male, Russian Blue -- is Clayton too corny a name?