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nozema bottle blue question ^6

updated sun 25 jan 04


barblund on thu 22 jan 04

Hi Glaze people. A few years ago I got this recipe off of clayart and =
have been using it with reasonable success(has a few problems with =
pinholing which is somewhat taken care of with soaking at the end and =
giving it lots of oxygen-I bisque to ^04). I just passed it on to =
somebody who commented that it doesn't add up to 100. Could it be =
missing something or is it ok the way it is?

glaze recipe for Noxema Bottle Blue:^6

Custer spar 38.1
Dolomite 10
EPK 9.6
Silica 14
Gerstley Borate 9.5
Zinc Oxide 9.4
Cobalt Carb 3.5
CMC .05
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Bloomington, IN 47404
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