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noxema bottle blue question ^6

updated mon 26 jan 04


Paul Lewing on mon 26 jan 04

on 1/22/04 12:08 PM, barblund at barblund@BLUEMARBLE.NET wrote:

> Could it be =
> missing something or is it ok the way it is?
If it works OK, it's OK. There's no need for it to add up to 100, except to
make it easier to compare it to other recipes that do. But if it bothers
you, you can easily make it add up to 100. Just divide the amount for each
ingredient by the total (94.1, I think) and those numbers will add up to 1.
And if you have too many problems with this particular recipe, any glaze
that's high in zinc will make that color of blue with cobalt.
Paul Lewing, Seattle