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c.6 c.8 the ups and downs

updated sun 25 jan 04


lili krakowski on sat 24 jan 04

You can search the whole world over, you can search the archives, =
you can ask Clayart. If you do not get the basic information about =
glazes that you need you will be dependent on the fishmonger forever. =20

You can raise or lower the melting point of a glaze by adding or =
removing alumina. In fact I have made tests where I used ONLY alumina =
to do this, though it generally is done using clay.

The raising or lowering of the melting point can affect both the finish =
of the surface and the color (if colorants are used)
Yo! That is why one tests.

PLEASE get yourself a book or two. I am devoted to Harry Fraser's two =
books, but others will recommend others.

Good reading, good luck

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage