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makin' book in waco

updated thu 22 jan 04


Hendrix, Taylor J on tue 20 jan 04


Yee haw there, y'all. I am in a bookish dither. Got copies of two of
Steve Harrison's books yesterday (mine to keep), Robin Hopper's _Stayin'
Alive_ last week, and today Ian Currie's _Revealing Glazes Using the
Grid Method_. I'm already half way through one of Steve's books. Great
stuff. I told my wife as I held up _Laid Back Wood Firing_, "My future
kiln is in this book." (Sorry Fast Freddie)

Now I love to read books, get the particumalars on the subject, but boy
howdy I'm a chompin' at the bit to fire me up some clay. It's hard
waiting for things to dry, ain't it?

Taylor, in Waco