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fwd: re: clay tools

updated tue 20 jan 04


Lee Love on tue 20 jan 04

John Rodgers wrote:

> pliers to rotate thereby twisting the wire. The stainless wire can be
> bought in 1 pound rolls, and in many different sizes, from .020 to .060,
> which would give different textures when pulled through clay after being
> twisted. One could first double the strand, twist it, then double the
> twisted strand, and twist it again. That would give some serious and
> interesting texture in the cut.

I don't know if these pliers are easily available to me here in
Japan. What I've always done, is put one end of a pair of wires into
the chuck of a drill and then hold the other end stationary. This
gives a uniform twist to the wire.

Back home I used trolling stainless steel wire. It worked pretty
good. My more recent wire came from the 100yen store and it is
imported from Korea. It is a little bit soft. But I found
that my coil worked very well by first twisting a pair and then wrapping
the pair around a shishikaba skewer. You then slip the coil off the
skewer and pull it tight with pliers from each end. I haven't used
it yet, but it seems much stronger than the single strand that I was

I had a great wavy shaped wire cheese cutter I bought from the
100yen shop. It kept the wave very well, but because the wire was so
hard, it eventually broke. I can find this cheese cutter at any of
the 100yen stores any longer. If I knew how well they were going to
work, I would have bought a couple dozen. The boldness of the
cut makes a trough for the inlay slip that looks very similar to my
teacher's most aggressive rope he uses for jomon impressions. This
thick rope is nylon and is very hard and he only uses it on large work.

Lee in Mashiko