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nzsp newsletter - january 2004

updated mon 19 jan 04


Lawrence Ewing on sun 18 jan 04

Happy New Year to all NZSP members=2E

Here is the rather late January Newsletter for 2004


1=2E The NZSP Council has a Xmas present for all members

2=2E A rather controversial potter wins the coveted Turner prize for conte=
mporary art in Britain

3=2E The distance Diploma in Ceramic Arts courses are taking enrolments ar=
ound the country=2E

4=2E Taranaki is preparing for the 'Naki Do'

5=2E Michael Casson's Death

6=2E Royce McGlashen Wins Merit Award in Taiwan Biennale

7=2E Images of a small test kiln nestled inside his 40 cu=2Eft gas kiln=2E=


Kind regards,

Lawrence Ewing