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pyramid selling

updated fri 16 jan 04


clennell on thu 15 jan 04

Marcia: If you like the idea of learning quickly at the bottom of the
pyramid here is another brain twister for the pyramid idea. When you first
start making pots there are kazillions of venues for your pots. Everywhere
from the guild sales, crafts shows by the score, Nancy's Nibbles and Knits,
to the Clay and Donut Gallery. As your pots get better and perhaps more
expensive these venues aren't for you and on up the pyramid there are fewer
and fewer places for your work. The work becomes more sophisicated and the
number of people with a more sophisicated aesthetic and deeper pockets
becomes fewer and fewer.
Selling out the farm gate has certainly kept us as a full time professional
couple. However it is interesting now that some of our work is hitting the
$500 range the galleries seem to be able to sell it better than we can.
Putting out the peanut butter cookies and mulled cider just doesn't work for
this work. The collector needs confirmation of the value of the work. The
interior decorator, gallery owners seem to give this work it's just deserve.
When money warrants it, we woud like to build a seperate gallery for our
more expensive work. In the meantime it is easier to have a show at a
prestigous gallery. Our experience is they do a great job and you are often
blown away at how good your work looks away from home. Often, if it is
invitational group show, it is nice to be in the company of other good