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updated fri 16 jan 04


Glenn Allenspach on wed 14 jan 04


I price my pots ASAP when taking them out of the kiln.
My stuff goes from $10.00 to $75-ish.
Base the price mostly on size,
somewhat upon complexity
(handles? spouts? lids? etc.)
I'm purposefully avoiding dollar amounts from here on down,
as your situation is yours, not mine.

Family (brothers, sisters) get a flat percentage off.
They usually are more than thrilled.

Friends get a gift piece thrown into the bag or box.
They tell me I don't have to do that.

Everyone gets a volume discount at a certain total
dollar amount.

From time to time a friend of a friend
will come long to my shows and make
the off-the-cuff remark that we've all
heard about the high price of hand-made stuff.
Those friends of friends get to pay regular price.

All my friends get to pick out any piece they want
and take it away N-C if it's going to
a fund-raiser for their school, church,
community group, etc.
And when they try to take some small thing
for their fund raiser, I lead 'em back and take
the biggest, best piece on the tables.

Strangers that inquire about donation pieces get one or more
after I check 'em out, and their group.
Got make sure it's a good cause, right?

It's not sticky for me at all.
I've spent too many years
in retail type environments,
the kind of issues with "dealing" that
pop up in my pottery are
child's play by comparison.

Best of luck!

From Cedar/East Bethel, where the trains go
by in the distance and leave a beautiful
sound hanging in the night air.

Glenn Allenspach
3427 217th Ave NE
East Bethel, MN 55011 USA