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selling pots to friends

updated thu 15 jan 04


Toni Smith on wed 14 jan 04

My system has always been to price the pots and that is the price. When you start giving everything away, people will expect it. (At least in my family and circle of friends.) When someone buys I will often include a small item, especially if they admire it, and not charge for that one small item. Mel uses that system and says he will include a mug as a 'bonus' item. So far, my customers and my family and friends seem satisfied with that. Makes me feel more professional. Also, when I give a piece of pottery that I have made as a gift, it carries more value than if I was always giving things away. Just my opinion. Toni Smith in Ohio

Carole Fox on wed 14 jan 04

I enjoy being able to give what I call the Friends and Family Discount to
relatives and special friends. I usually sell a lot of stuff to these people
so it's sort of like a volume discount. They always say -"You don't have to
do that!" but they are happy to get the discount and they keep coming back,
so it works out well for all.

I just give it away to my folks, though. They don't have much money and
it's an easy way for me to give back.

Never be afraid to be too nice, but be nice to yourself, too.
Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD

Susan Cline on wed 14 jan 04

How to price/give pots to friends:

I have struggled with this too. BUT, this past year I participated in my first-ever
show/sale. I was forced to establish some pricing and was not too far off on most
of my items. Some of my friends came and bought things; no one balked at my pricing
(which means it may be too low . . .) some have called me recently and bought additional

My conclusion: establish a price and tell your friends what it is. If they like
the piece, they will buy it. If they are friends they should respect the time and
effort you put into your work and should not be asking for special deals.
I do not charge sales tax, but pay it to the state. I price my things accordingly.
You can always tell your friends they already have a discount by virtue of not having
to pay sales tax, if this is relevant where you live.

Sometimes I barter with friends for needed services, but this is always established
beforehand: massage therapist, hairdresser, etc.

Hope this helps.

Sue Cline
Cincinnati Ohio