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updated fri 9 jan 04


Susan Setley on thu 8 jan 04


In a message dated 1/8/04 10:09:20 AM, RakuArtist@AOL.COM writes:

> Seems like just a few weeks (maybe months) back, I read here on Clayart
> someone else voice something similar about their new Artista wheel...
> slowing down
> a bit while centering... I can't remember who it was... heck...

That was me. :)

I had to exchange the wheel as it slowed down just compressing the lip with a
piece of chamois. My replacement does slow down on centering, but since I
throw in an apartment, in alcove of my living room, I simply can't spin it super
fast and fly clay into every corner. However, it slows down evenly and doesn't
throw it out of round.

" Jim adds that they have had
many potters, teachers, students and the like test the Artista, and that they
have had very few complaints. He also mentions that Tracy is only the second
potter that they have heard about who complained about slowing down the
In the first case, he believes they resolved the problem and the customer is
happy. He's hoping that they will be able to resolve Tracy's complaints as

That was me, too. I really think they were terrific about it. It is great for
portability, but it's also great in my situation, working in a very small
space (but Oh I am thrilled to have all my tools, supplies, etc. in one place)...