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commercial store selling lead glaze pottery

updated thu 8 jan 04


claybair on wed 7 jan 04


Check out

Contact Monona Rossol E-mail : or
go to
I called her ((212) 777-0062... she is most informative and will send you
data sheets.

My file on the lead issue is now an inch thick.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

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From: Sam Yancy

Went to a high level /quality store closing recently which predominately
sells dishwear and associated clayware goods. Was looking for some old
mikasa dishes which I had for several years - wanted to replace some. While
there I had a look at their other dishes and pottery "on sale due to store
closing". As a potter, and ex-motorcycle painter, I was attracted to some
very colorful dishes, cups and assorted pieces. They had small peel off (1/2
in or smaller) yellow triangle stickers on them. Note - some did not - had
been removed or 'lost". Anyways, I wondered what they were for was so looked
further. After a couple of minutes looking I found a small sign with the
small yellow sticker on it that said that some of glazes used were lead
based and "use at your own risk for eating utensills " or something like
that. These were dishes , cups and bowels. I was amazed as unless you could
read english, and did what I , you would be buying lead glazed pieces to
eat on or to give as
gifts.Unless you were a potter or knowedgeable you couold be eating off of
lead based dished or giving them as gifts. Wondered if this yellow
triangle sticker and small sign is ok to do??? I dont think that it was
Comments? Sam in Daly City CA.