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selling from website

updated sun 4 jan 04


Eleanora Eden on sat 3 jan 04

Hi all and Happy New Year,

I seem to be utilizing a compromise vision of the web......maybe I could
get more customers from being advertized on group sites but I don't believe
it would work for my work, and besides it costs. I think of it this
way: once a year I participate in a Vermont Studio Tour. The people who
come through as part of the cold customers.....rarely buy, but
they do take up alot of my time and energy. It is my own customers, people
who have seen my stuff at a fair and have gravitated to it particularly,
who come and buy.

My web sales are an extension of my presence at the fairs. I just wish I
had had that website to advertize for the years previous. I have a small
but steady business over the web, but all the sales originate with
customers who saw my work already. I get a little buzz right after a fair
when afew people see the stuff in the flesh and then go and order it on the
web for the fun of it. Go figure.


Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill Road
Bellows Falls, VT 05101