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other ways to handle "ot" messages

updated sun 4 jan 04


Maurice Weitman on sat 3 jan 04

Hello, Rachel, and others who may be frustrated by so-called OT
messages. (Not that I mean to ignore those who LIKE OT messages --
hello to all of you, too.)

At 8:32 AM -0500 on 1/3/04, Lois Ruben Aronow wrote:
> You are hungry for information about CLAY. That's what the
>delete button is for, as many people have already told you. There
>will be loads of clay-related topics that don't interest you - use it
>for those too.

Actually, I'd modify Lois's advice to you by saying:

That's what the archives (or books or the web in general) and your
email program are for.

In fact, at times I (and I'm certain others) use clayart by posting
questions and reading any answers on the web, so nothing but (*)
personal, off-line responses ever get to you. You can just set your
clayart options to nomail.

The archives (the
"official" archives), and/or
(Alan Ambrose's very helpful version, arranged by TOPIC, not
subject), are wonderful, pithy, and sanity-saving. Either site
allows for searching in helpful ways. Spend a half-hour playing with
them; I promise it will be time well-spent (assuming you are, as Lois
says "hungry for information about CLAY").

If you want to join (and therefore participate in) a community, you
most often will have to adapt to the mores and customs of that
community. Clayart is no exception to that.

I, too, have been frustrated by the amount of OT stuff on clayart.
And by the poor or non-existent editing that folks do in quoting
other messages. Not to mention non-descriptive subject headers.

I cope by exuberant use of the delete key and filtering. With my
email program (Eudora), I filter all posts by certain members
directly into trash without ever seeing them. Ahhhh...

My email program also allows me to put all messages with similar
subject headers together and if a topic doesn't interest me, I can
delete the whole discussion. AAAHHHHHH...

Other email programs offer similar facilities.

If you're not adept at using technology (including the archives), I'd
suggest giving up on trying to change clayart to suit you. Others
more outraged and persistent than you have tried and failed.

Happy New Year and good luck with your new endeavor!

Maurice, in sleepy, SUNNY, Fairfax, California, where the ephemeral
creek across the street below us has subsided a tad, but still roils
ebulliently, filled with the runoff of over ten inches of rain in as
many days, and I'm now off for a hike to Pilot Knob, a delicious
vantage point above the reservoir lakes in our watershed.

[*] Well, you'll still get breast- and penis- enlargement messages -- sorry.)