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continuing saga - a safe leaded glaze?

updated sun 4 jan 04


claybair on fri 2 jan 04's what has happened since I last wrote about the
Duncan Low lead glaze on the Empty Bowls project in my area.

I picked up one bowl (I "decorated" 5).
I'm intending to send it to Alfred but today
I tried one of those home test kits and it tested

The person who fired them removed the ( Not Food safe) warning I had
written on the bottom of the bowl before firing it.
This person also does not have any venting for the 3 large electric kilns in
the studio. I was told the fans in the walls near the ceiling exchanges the

I left my packet of information and retrieved it several days later.
The comment I got was more or less "how interesting".
I suggested testing be done and that I would send mine to Alfred.
I am convinced that they should send a random selection to Alfred
at their expense.

My attempts to speak with the person in charge at the local gallery
have not been successful... I am ramping up the forcefulness of my
with an email and then I will contact a board member and continue up the
chain until I go public. I am keeping Monona apprised also.

I have been quite restrained up to this point.... a new one for me... but
will not be deterred.

This evening I retrieved a message from the person at the gallery. I was
.... that she had done research and homework.... that they were all set and
I don't need to worry about will be a wonderful fund raiser..... and
there will be "proper" signage.... and I don't need to think about it.

Of course she didn't tell me what proper signage was nor just what was her
research. I offered to share the inch thick research I have so far plus
Monona's contact info. plus web site info on 21 CFR part 109.16.

OMG..... this person hasn't a clue.... the restraints are coming off... I've
just about chewed through them!!!! I had to have my grounded #1 suggest to
delete the emotional parts of my response. For now.... keeping it simple....
keeping it direct... and for the moment keeping out the " You (*&^^%$$&^%*)
stupid morons" parts!-)

For anyone totally confused about this posting contact me and I'll fill you
in or go to archived and look up "A safe leaded Glaze?".

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA