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updated sun 4 jan 04


Ditmar on fri 2 jan 04

Limiting the scope of discussion on Clayart is the job / duty of our =
beloved moderators.

Many things in life are more pertinent to some individuals than others. =
If you're a single mother and a struggling potter, some homeschool =
discussion might benefit you. Maybe not.=20
Take away everything that's "non clay" and Clayart would be a sterile, =
just-the-facts-ma'am, way of running life. What makes a potter and his =
wares different from a mass produced, factory production run ?? It's =
being in touch with the feeling and emotion of being a creator and =
artist. If posting a funny experience about cat's footprints in wet clay =
or what music you listen to, is off topic to some of you, maybe you =
should take a deeper look into yourself and your reason for being a =
potter. There's a human side of it that , thankfully, our moderators =
understand and allow us to indulge in.


Jan L. Peterson on sat 3 jan 04

Amen. I got a call today from my shop saying someone I had promised to do a
figurine for, is ready. See, I also paint for friends so they can have their
pets "fixed." Funny, buat I live for these things. Jan, the Alleycat