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updated sat 3 jan 04


Earl Krueger on fri 2 jan 04

Still haven't found my digital camera so I can't
take pictures of my work to show you folks.
(requirement for clay related topic satisfied)

I guess I'll buy a new one. Only problem is
I don't know too much about them, other than
the basics. Did a little searching and found:,

"Famous for its books on digital cameras
and digital photography.

The online book I am currently reading is:
"Choosing a Digital Camera".

Others available are:
"Using Your Digital Camera",
"Digital Photography Equipment",
"Displaying & Sharing Digital Photos",
"Pixels and Image Sizes",
"Nature Photography",
"Editing Digital Photos,
and more.

If you are new to digital photography, or
not, you might want to check out some
of these materials.

I have no financial or other relationship
with these people.

Bothell, WA, USA