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: shopper usa, 2003 - a question of art "context"

updated sat 3 jan 04


Lee Love on sat 3 jan 04

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From: "George Koller"

>do you REALLY believe you can evaluate an artifact for "artfulness"
>without context?

Yes, but only if the art is produced from a universal perspective.
For example, the beauty of a

Yi teabowl:


Rembrandt's "Christ Preaching":,

These hold up across time and between different cultures. Maplethorpe
and Scnabel don't travel so well.

Copies sometime capture the beauty of the original. Jean was
telling me about someone marketing reproductions of fine Japanese woodblock
prints. She thinks they bought a CD with high resolution scans of these
works and have printed them on good French paper.

Sometimes it makes better sense for uninspired people to copy
fine work. I'd rather have one of these copies in my house than an
original photo of Maplethorpe with a hose up his bum. ;^)

Lee In Mashiko, Japan