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: salt delivery

updated sat 3 jan 04


Lee Love on sat 3 jan 04

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From: "mel jacobson"


Claybody...slips and glazes are all important.

> at the farm we still just throw the salt in the fire ports
> from a campbell's soup can (tomato) about 6 cans.
> and, it works great.

Green, split bamboo slats are great for introducing salt into the kiln.
Even at cone 11 or 12 seger, they just smolder but don't burn up when you
pull them back out. I used them to introduce sawdust in the last
firing. Mostly the sawdust just fell on the floor of the kiln. It added
reduction, but really didn't get on the pots. Next time, I'll make a
hopper for the shop vac and blow it in. I need to find a piece of tail

I wonder if soda will go into solution in kerosene? I put ports
on each side of my woodkiln incase I ever decided to bisque with drip oil
burners, or for finishing the firing if I wanted less ash deposit. I'll

Lee In Mashiko, Japan