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updated fri 2 jan 04


Krista Peterson on thu 1 jan 04

I'm not saying that a university education is bad, but I think it could add another dimension to truly make it well rounded. I think all that life enrichment stuff is important, but I also think the practical business stuff is important too. I got a great education in the technical aspects of ceramics and was provided with many opportunities to experience other artists because of all the workshops we had. But the issue of making an actual living from it was never addressed and I really think it ought to be if the arts are gonna have any significant place in our society. It's hard enough to make it as an artist if one has that kind of experience, but when you have to go and figure it out by trial and error it gets expensive and frustrating. I think that some of that expense and frustration could be addressed by teaching students how to market themselves and their work in the art world.

Practically yours
Krista Peterson