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more than learning functional pottery

updated fri 2 jan 04


william schran on thu 1 jan 04

Even if the intention is to focus on acquiring knowledge and skill in
the narrow area of functional pottery, as many others have said, one
will learn so much more with higher education in the visual arts.
Most visual arts programs will require foundation courses in drawing
& design (2D & 3D).

In my own experience, I started with General Education Associates
degree (2 years, that took 3 to finish) with a concentration in fine
arts - no clay.
My Bachelors was in "Art" with a final concentration in Ceramics,
though I never took a ceramics course until my junior year! A
painting major prior to that, I also had 4 years of drawing & design
courses, plus printmaking, sculpture & photography.
My ceramics teacher taught functional on the wheel, really never got
into hand building. He always commented about my work: "Your
technique sucks but your forms are gorgeous". All work was high fire
I went to a large university for grad school, but the ceramics
program was small. Professor encouraged both hand building & wheel
throwing. All firing was mid - high fire oxidation.

Got well rounded education in clay, but the foundation courses set
the basis for all of my visual arts understanding.