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updated fri 2 jan 04


Susan Setley on thu 1 jan 04


In a message dated 1/1/04 3:15:42 PM, mlkrakowski@CITLINK.NET writes:

> I think that first one has to set a goal.=A0 What does one want a child to=
> like?=A0 My choice for my grand-nephews and nieces would be that they be g=
> kind, generous, compassionagte=A0 people.

And I never thought it was my right to decree what my children should be=20
right. I RAISED them to be moral, kind, generous and compassionate, but they=
so much more than that, and in ways I never could have imagined.

If you really think education creates people who aren't all they could be,=20
you really should meet my daughters.

"When I had to fetch something at the local HS, I saw several young couples=20
giving each other tonselectomies in the hall....NOT what I would want my=20
teenager to consider an=A0 acceptable norm--since, after all, if "they" can=20=
do "that"=20
in plain view of all teachers and administrators, why not go further do more=
at home?

I saw that in 1964. Surely you don't think living in a small town prevents=20
all teens from experimenting with sex?

Small town life can be great, be we lived in a close-in suburb. We had small=
classes, and when my husband needed an ambulance, the rescue squad was there=
from the fire department in 60 seconds and an ambulance within 90.

Some schools are broken beyond repair, some need to be improved -- and some=20
are already pretty good.=20