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pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 1 jan 04

Hi Susan,

I believe an informed concensus would recommend...

That the acquisition of the 'prion' may be had from any kind
of Surgical proceedures as use Insturments which have been
used on others as had the (perhaps asymptomatic) complaint.

From routine Blood Transfusions, where, the doner had ( if,
again, asymptomaically) the complaint...

Aspiration of any of various contaminated 'dusts' or
airborne particles...

Getting infected Blood, Syrums or Lymph or whatever on one's
hands, skin, in ones eyes in a small way, etc...infected
'soils' quite possibly as well, if into a small cut or

Placentially, from Mother to foetus...

...even if acquisitiion by 'eating' is the more popular, or
prefered method...


Las Vegas

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Subject: Re: bone ash from mad cows?

In a message dated 1/1/04 12:46:21 PM, satima@PACBELL.NET

> Not that I use bone ash, but I read somewhere recently
that the mad cow
> disease also is transfered by the cow's bone marrow and
that to get rid of the
> disease you had to take extra precautions like boil down
the entore cow,
> evaporate the water and crush the remains into powder and
then treat the remains
> like hazardous waste as the "prions" that cause the
disease are virtually
> indestructable. Should there be some precautions taken
when using bone ??
> Experts?? Sam in Dalyt City

Don't eat the bone ash. You can only get the prions in your
system by eating

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