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boston, restoration and renovation in april 21-24, 2004

updated wed 31 dec 03


Marek Drzazga on wed 31 dec 03

Dear Clayarters,

Happy Festivities.

I have a favour to ask of potters in Boston.
I will be making a presentation/workshop at the Hynes Convention Centre =
in April (21st) "Restoration & Renovation Exhibition and Conference". =
The subject is "The Rediscovered Art of Hand Made Terra Cotta", and I =
will need access to a wheel and clay to throw some shapes for my =
demonstration (at least a day before, preferably 2) and I am hoping =
someone on Clayart will throw me a lifeline, pun intended
Please, if you can assist me, email me direct to either =

many thanks in advance Marek
happy potting for 2004 and